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“Rough…verrrr-wee rough!”

My phalanges that is…according to the man who gave me my pedicure yesterday. Let me assure you that the following pic is NOT my feet…I would just throw in the towel because there is no fixin’ these footsies! <Due to the possibility of losing my miniscule fan-base….I decided to take the photo down because it was just […]

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Oh the possibilities!

Last night I had a dream that my sister got a mohawk. It did not do her justice. That has nothing to do with anything ….just thought I would throw that out there.    

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To everything, there is a season.

  Sometimes I get a phrase stuck in my head and do not know why. So today I have this one. “To everything there is a season.”   Admittingly,  I looked up the origin and was embarrassed to find that I did not know the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” was an adaptation from the book of Ecclesiastes. And […]

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“I’m a trapper, a scrapper, & a wild bull crapper!”

Gerald. Those who know him need to read no further.  Because they know that “Gerald” sums it all up in one lone word. I can say his name to anyone who knows him and I forever get the same response:  A silly grin or a chuckle.  You see, he is my dad. And no one, absolutely NO ONE […]

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Petty is, as petty does.

  As a child, my mammaw always said to me: “Pretty is as pretty does!”  Boy howdy, she wasn’t just a whistlin’ Dixie! It is incredible to see the beauty in someone fall by the wayside when they act like the spawn of satan himself?

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Peanut butter hamburgers, Hold the porkchops-PLEASE!

Every year while the kids go to their other parents for Spring break, Big Injun and I go on our un-spoken annual restaurant crawl.  As soon as the kids leave, we give one another “the look” and without any verbal exchange, we get dressed up and head towards “T” town. This year….we did not fare […]

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One Cool Cat

Have you ever *really* stopped taking your cat for granted as a normal, everyday pet and looked at it from a different angle? Have you ever seen the movie “Star Wars” and the creatures they have on there? Well…. those “creatures” were normal to them…. see where I am going with this? And so lately I have […]

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Follow the leader? No thanks.

No funny business coming from me today. I have something that has been disturbing me for some time and until I “get it out” I am going to be wallowing in it, and that’s no fun. So…. here goes.

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What in the cat-hair? I’m an Arkie. That’s what!

There is something oxy-moronish (← YAY! another new made-up word that I will file for later use) about someone from this state of Oklahoma that I reside in asking me where I am from because of my southern accent…. but yet, it happens all too frequent. Could it be that I use terms such as:

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My baby-doll, my mini-me, my Addy.

The baby of our family is 9 years old. Not so much a baby anymore but I am finding that I am having a hard time with her, in particular, growing up.   She is my “mini-me.” In every respect. She looks a lot like myself, but mostly she acts exactly like me. EXACTLY. Creepy-deepy.

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