31 Gifts of Gratitude

    So… My 31st birthday has come and gone, September 15th to be exact.

    I decided to start a gratitude journal back in August. With this you write, in detail about one thing that has recently impacted you (this includes the negative a well).  The goal is to challenge yourself to find gracious qualities in all of life’s moments. Choose to write during the same time, everyday (if you can) to make it a habit. If in the beginning you find yourself focusing on material things, try switching it. Start to focus more on what those things allow you to be or do, not just what they allow you to have.

    This past month was extra special to me as I decided to focus primarily on self reflection.

    We get so caught up in our everyday issues that we rarely sit back to think about what all we’ve ALREADY accomplished. Although I have plenty to be grateful for, I decided to express personal gratitude to myself this time around.

    I hope you enjoy! Let me know if there is anything that comes to mind for you, I would love to read it!

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    The Balinese Experience 

    While returning home from this blissful trip. I can only sit back and think on the splendor I was able to experience. Since I can remember , traveling to this island has been a dream of exploration.

    How I would get there and when was never a question of reason. With a growing sensation of wanderlust, I soon found myself glancing down my bucket list of places to visit next.  There were two things I knew. One, I wanted to go somewhere off season to avoid large crowds. Secondly, I wanted visit somewhere that wouldn’t break my bank.

    Well, I didn’t have to wonder for long.

    In fact, I decided to visit the top country on my bucket list… Bali.


    After about 2 weeks of looking at beautiful photos, I went on a limb and purchased my ticket. No accommodations, no travel agent, just me! Immediately after pressing the “Confirm Payment” button, I was panic-stricken! Continue Reading